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MANGALURU: Much to the dismay of the administration of Mangalore University, response to the varsity’s various postgraduate programmes offered at Mangalagangothri campus has been underwhelming – barely half the seats have been filled, with only 1,083 seats being filled of the 2,100. Enrolment appears to have dipped, albeit marginally, from the previous year, when 1,179 students were admitted to the varsity’s postgraduate programmes.
Delay in the announcement of results of undergraduate courses is among the reasons that some of the senior lecturers and professors at Mangalore University have attributed to poor enrolment in MCA and MBA programmes.
Owing to the delay on the varsity’s part to announce results, many of its undergraduate students ended up seeking admission to other autonomous universities, and other institutions. A considerable number of seats at MU were often taken by students of Kerala, but not many students from the neighbouring state have sought admission to the postgraduation courses this year.
Mangalore University registrar Kishore Kumar CK said that 1,083 students had been admitted to the postgraduate courses. The pattern of poor admission to humanities’ programmes continued, said the registrar. “Political science, sociology, and economics programmes have registered very poor enrolment, while admission to social work, and English literature courses has been encouraging,” Kishore Kumar said.
Dean of Mangalore University’s humanities department, Jayaraj Amin said that postgraduate courses were offered at all of its affiliate colleges located even in other districts. “Postgraduate courses are offered even at government colleges in Udupi. Consequently, many students may opt not to come to Mangalagangothri Campus. Consequently, we lose our students. Staying put in their home districts helps them save money spent on hostels,” Amin said.
Dean of Mangalore University’s science department, Manjunath Pattabi said that, while humanities courses had registered lowest enrolment, commerce programmes had fared a little better. “Few of the courses offered by the science department have registered good enrolment. Students from Kerala accounted for a big chunk of the admissions, but not many of them have applied to study at the university this time, since the start of our postgraduate programmes was delayed by three months. A lot of students from the coastal districts also appear to have enrolled at institutions in Mysuru and Bengaluru,” said Pattabi.

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