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NASHIK: A 24-year-old youth and a 17-year-old juvenile from Haryana out to make some “quick money” ended up killing a young CEO in Nashik after he resisted the duo’s bid to snatch his car.
The duo had planned to steal a car and execute a kidnap-ransom plan to make money, the Nashik police said on Thursday.
The police have detained the juvenile from Haryana and are working to arrest the youth, who runs a small shop there. The juvenile was sent to a remand home in Nashik on Thursday. The police said the suspects don’t have a past criminal record.
The police said the duo arrived in Mumbai on March 15, but did not succeed in stealing a car. On March 23, they travelled to Nashik city and started making attempts to abduct someone. In the night, they spotted Yogesh Mogare, CEO of a private firm, who had stopped to buy cigarettes.
As Mogare was returning to his car, the duo tried to stop him and snatch his car. But when he resisted, they stabbed him multiple times with knives.
The duo got injured after some eyewitnesses pelted stones to thwart their bid. The glass panes of the car were damaged and both sustained minor injuries.
The police said the duo pushed Mogare and drove away in his car. Locals took Mogare to a private hospital, where he died the next day.
The suspects abandoned the vehicle after driving a few kilometers. It had run out of fuel. DCP (crime) Prashant Bachchhav said, “The car was of no use as the seats and steering were smeared with blood and the glass broken. They abandoned it near Vilholi, wandered all night and boarded a train from Nashik Road station to go home.”
A piece of paper and tags on clothes the duo discarded led the police to a store in Mumbai. “The small piece of paper had a few mobile numbers scribbled randomly. We found it at the crime scene. We also found a plastic bag with clothes bought from departmental stores in Mumbai,” said Bachchhav.
The police matched the CCTV footage from the stores and railway stations in Mumbai and Nashik. The Nashik police team is still in Haryana looking for the youth.

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