Noida Supertech twin towers: How waterfall implosion technique saved several months and money


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Noida Supertech twin towers will be razed on Sunday at around 2.30 pm using a technique called waterfall implosion. This is the first time in India that such a large structure will be brought down using a controlled explosion.

The two towers — named Apex and Ceyane — will take just 15 seconds to come crashing down like a pack of cards. The two towers are dangerously close to the towers of a legal housing society. The company that is overseeing the bringing down of the structures says they are confident that they would be able to demolish the structure with just cosmetic damage to the other structures.

An official of the company Edifice, Utkarsh Mehta said using the technique called waterfall implosion, they have saved both time and money. Under this technique, the explosion will take place inwards which would make the structure crumble as water does in a waterfall.

The company has strategically placed 3,700 kgs of explosives. Since one of the towers of the legal society is just nine meters away, the company has rigged the explosives in such a way that the structures will pull away from the building and then collapse.

There are three techniques to bring down a building — diamond cutter, robots and implosion.

Implosion was used to save time and money.

Mehta said the diamond cutter technique would have taken two years to dismantle the building at five times the cost. They would have had to bring each column, wall and beam down slowly using massive cranes. Using robots to dismantle the building would have taken 1-1.5 years and would have cost more than implosion.

Besides, these two techniques would have disturbed the neighboring societies, implosion was chosen.

Since the Supreme Court ordered that the twin towers had to be brought down in less time and with no disturbance to the residents of nearby buildings, the implosion technique was the only option.

“As Edifice and our South African expert partner Jet Demolitions also had precedence and experience from the demolition of Maradu complexes in Kochi, Kerala, we decided to go ahead accordingly,” Mehta added.

The authorities will evacuate 5000 residents of Emerald Court and ATS Village. Their vehicles will also be removed.

Six ambulances will be near the towers to deal with any medical emergency.

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