On camera: Fierce blaze engulfs packaging company in Gujarat, fire tenders rushed to spot


A massive fire erupted at a Gujarat company on Thursday after which several fire tenders were rushed to the spot to douse the fire. The incident happened in the state’s Valsad district, located south of Surat, where a packaging company was seen enveloped in massive clouds of smoke emanating from the huge fire.

Screengrab of video showing clouds of smoke emanating from the building which caught fire.(ANI)

A video of the incident also surfaced online in which several people could be seen rushing away from the affected building, above which a huge tower of smoke persisted while the flames spread all over the goods.

More details on the incident are awaited.

The accident occurred days after two separate fire incidents happened in the same district on the same day. On Tuesday last week, a chemical company in Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) in the Vapi area of Valsad district caught a huge fire, in which two adjacent companies also suffered damages. This was after earlier that day, a massive fire broke out in 10 scrap godowns.

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