Over 80% Of Haryana’s Covid Cases In 14 Days Are From This District



Over 80% Of Haryana's Covid Cases In 14 Days Are From This District

Covid In Haryana: Haryana’s positivity rate is at 2.72 per cent on April 14.


Haryana has reported over 1,200 fresh Covid cases in over 14 days out of which over 1,000 infections were from Gurugram district, official data showed.

The district has been witnessing a rise in Covid cases in the past few days. Its neighbouring Delhi has also been recording an uptick in daily Covid cases with the positivity rate going beyond two per cent.

The Covid positivity rate in Haryana was 1.27 per cent on February 28, 0.41 per cent on March 31 and 2.72 per cent on April 14.

Between March 31 and April 14, Haryana added 1,211 fresh infections to its Covid tally, analysis of data from the state health department showed. During the same period, Gurugram added 1,022 fresh cases.

Of the total 170 new Covid cases that the state reported on April 14, as many as 147 were from Gurugram and 19 from Faridabad.

Until April 14, the total number of Covid cases reported in Gurugram district since the outbreak of the pandemic was 2,61,925, which was the highest in the state.

However, Faridabad, which has been the other worst-hit district, added only 121 fresh cases between March 31 and April 14.

Of the 3,534 cases reported in Haryana between February 28 and March 31, as many as 1,959 infections were from the Gurugram district and 285 from Faridabad.

According to the data, as of February 28, 2022, the cumulative cases in Haryana was 9,81,684 and the death toll was 10,563.

Till then, Gurugram, which was then reporting over 100 daily cases, had a cumulative infection count of 2,58,944 with the total fatality count for the district at 1,002.

For Faridabad, the total cases as of February 28 was 1,26,768 with a total fatality count of 739.

By March 31, Haryana’s total case count rose to 9,85,218 and fatality count to 10,616, with Gurugram’s infection tally rising to 2,60,903 and death count 1,006.

For Faridabad, total cases stood at 1,27,053 as of March 31 and total deaths remained unchanged at 739.

By April 14, the state’s cumulative cases was 9,86,429 with total fatalities at 10,617 as Gurugram’s infection tally rose to 2,61,925 while the death count remained unchanged at 1,006.

Covid cases in Faridabad rose marginally to 1,27,174 during the past fortnight with no fresh fatality.

While the daily case count in Haryana was over 200 at the beginning of March, it dropped to less than 50 a month later. However, during the past few days, daily cases have risen over 150, with the Gurugram district fuelling the uptick.

However, only a few of those who tested Covid positive during the past days required institutional care.

Meanwhile, as of April 14, the total active cases in Haryana were 621 compared to 257 on March 31 and 1,940 on February 28.

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