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Pink trumpets make Bengaluru picturesque | In Pics

Bengaluru city donned a pink look much earlier this year as several pink trumpet trees bloomed beautiful flowers. Multiple pictures were shared online, which wowed the internet.

Pink trumpets, also called Tabebuia rosea, or pink poui, are a type of neotropical tree, which originally come from southern Mexico. These trees usually flower in January and February in dry weather. The trees are however known to flower in August, September, April and May as well.

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The much loved pink flowers on this tree stay till April in Bengaluru some years. They are also often confused with cherry blossoms that have their origin in Japan.

The Karnataka Tourism Ministry shared stunning pictures of this year’s fresh blossoms on social media, writing, “AECS Layout, Whitefield. The Pink Trumpets or the Tabebuia Avellaneda have started to blossom here in Bengaluru. That time of the year when certain parts of Bengaluru turns completely pink.”

“Quite early this time. Pink trumpets and Jacaranda trees usually bloom in their full glory only in late March – early April followed to by the flaming red gulmohar,” a Twitter user replied.

Another internet user shared a picture of baby pink blossoms, writing, “The pink pouis have arrived.”

Here are some other pictures of the lovely pink flowers shared on Twitter by Bengaluru residents.

Pink trumpet trees in South Bengaluru.

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