Posters Surface in Jangal Mahal: Are Maoists Regrouping In West Bengal?


Are the Maoists regrouping in West Bengal?

Picture this: Over the past one month, Maoist posters have started to resurface in Jhargram and Bankura Puruliya areas of Jangal Mahal.

A poster stating they will take revenge of Maoist Kishanji’s murder was found at Deko village in Bankura district on Tuesday (April 26).

A landmine was recovered from Jhargram Belpahari on April 7.

On April 25, the Jhargram police arrested a couple – Raju Singh and Puja – for allegedly putting up Maoist posters on a tree. Police sources claim somebody promised them money for work and are investigating the link to Maoists.

Sources in administration said another area where Maoists might be regrouping is Deocha Pachami Birbhum, one of the largest coal blocks where land acquisition is an issue. The Ultra Left movement is being monitored now.

The Bankura police arrested two former Visva Bharati students for their alleged involvement in distributing posters this January. The two – Tipu Sultan and Arkadeep – were booked for sedition.

Bengal director general of police (DGP) Manoj Malviya recently toured three districts and sources say that he directed police to be more vigil and also asked them to take the government beneficiary programmes to sensitive villages.

The poster found at Deko village in Bankura district on Tuesday. (News18)

Sources in administration list the possibilities:


Sources say that in certain places such as Bankura and Jhargram, a section of villagers is unhappy with local leaders and corruption. The local people have put up these posters to draw the administration’s attention. After seeing the posters, locals feel the administration will become proactive.


Sources say a section of surrendered Maoists is unhappy. They feel they are not given importance.


Family members of those who are killed by Maoists are discontented and could be behind this, said sources. “Police are keeping a vigil on everything and emphasis on community activity has been increased,” said an officer.

The administration is focusing on taking government schemes to more beneficiaries.

The government records still show the area as Maoist-affected and hence it gets the funds and other attention. The stakeholders who benefit from it might also have a role to play in it, said sources.

Administration sources are clear: “Disturbing Jangal Mahal is definitely the motive of a section of people.” An officer told News18: “All aspects are clearly investigated and strong vigil is kept.”

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