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PUNE: The Deccan Gymkhana police have appealed to Ganapati mandals in old parts of the city as well as in the Kothrud, Karvenagar, Deccan, Senapati Bapat Road and Dattawadi areas to ensure that they consider the height of overhead Pune Metro rail tracks and stations, before preparing their tableaux mounted on tractors or trucks for processions during the installation and immersion days of the upcoming Ganeshotsav this year.

As measured by the police, the height of Metro tracks/stations from the road surface varies from 21ft at Lakdi Pul (Sambhaji Bridge) to 18ft under Garware Metro rail station on Karve Road, while it is 17ft under the newly constructed Nal Stop flyover.
Ganapati mandals from the old city areas are known to use the Lakdi Pul route for their processions, while those from the other aforementioned areas tend to use Karve Road for the same purpose. If the height of their tableaux and idols are more than those measured by the police, it might lead to severe issues of processions getting stalled and resultant traffic snarls, the police said.
“The height of the overhead Metro tracks from the road surface varies at different spots. So, we measured the same for mandals to prepare their tableaux with these details at hand, especially for the immersion ceremony,” said senior inspector Muralidhar Karpe of Deccan Gymkhana police on Sunday.
“Lakdi Pul is an important route (especially for mandals from Laxmi Road, Kumthekar Road, Tilak Road and Kelkar Road) on visarjan day. All mandals use this common route to reach different immersion ghats along the Mutha riverbank,” Karpe added.
The police officer further said, “If mandals make extra tall tableaux, these will get stuck under Metro tracks or bridges during the processions and create traffic chaos. We have also shared the table of the height of Metro tracks with different mandals using Lakdi Pul and Karve Road. Further, the carriageway width of Karve Road near the ramp of the newly constructed flyover is just 15ft, so mandals using this route will also have to make their tableaux less than 15ft wide.”

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