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Removable Batteries On Smartphone Could Make A Comeback: Here’s Why

Last Updated: December 20, 2022, 18:23 IST

Phone batteries for many years have been non-removable

The EU lawmakers are drafting this policy for better management of batteries which can be replaced if removed.

The European Union (EU) has now agreed on new laws and regulations aimed at making batteries more sustainable and reusable which might force smartphone makers to bring back removable batteries, the media reported.

This move comes after making USB Type-C charging ports mandatory on all smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

According to SamMobile, as the new laws cover the entire battery life cycle, the new regulation will present a new set of challenges to consumer tech firms and battery manufacturers.

The entire life cycle of a battery includes material extraction, industrial production, and disposal.

The new EU law will apply to all types of batteries sold in the EU, including those used in electronic devices, industrial batteries, automotive batteries, and batteries used in two-wheelers and electric vehicles (EVs), according to the report.

Moreover, from early 2024, battery manufacturers in the EU will be required to report the total carbon footprint of their products, from extraction to recycling.

This data will then be used to set a maximum CO2 limit for batteries that will come into effect as early as July 2027.

They will need to use a specific percentage of recycled materials, such as 16 per cent cobalt, 85 per cent lead, 6 per cent lithium, and 6 per cent nickel, the report added.

If approved, the new regulations will ensure that batteries sold in the EU region are more environment-friendly, ultimately setting a precedent for the rest of the world.

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