Rescue crews comb Iowa building collapse wreckage as number of missing unknown – live


Video shows dramatic aftermath of building collapse in Iowa

A dramatic rescue effort has been launched after part of an apartment building collapsed in Davenport, Iowa.

A section of the red brick building on the city’s Main Street came down at around 5pm on Sunday, with alarming photos from the scene showing at least one-fourth of the structure’s units destroyed.

As of Monday morning, a total of eight people had been rescued from the wreckage and the number of people missing remains unclear. No deaths have been reported.

The cause of the collapse has not been determined but some residents described the sound it created as an “explosion”.

Residents living in the area reported that the building was known to have problems, including visible water damage.

The Quad-City Times reported that fire crews had gone to the building for an inspection just days before the disaster.

Jennifer Smith, who owns a business in the building, told the newspaper: “The tenants told us the building was going to collapse.”

The building’s owner has not commented publicly on the incident.


‘Everything just fell down’

Building resident Lexus Berry narrowly escaped but her wife and cats became trapped as the building collapsed. Ms Betty told The Quad-City Times that they had just taken a picture of a separation between a wall and the bathroom doorway when they tried to make it downstairs.

“We both grab our cats, she grabbed one, I grabbed one, got to the door,” Ms Berry told the outlet. “I watched her, and everything just fell down and everything fell on top of me, and I barely made it out the door… I got out, but there was nothing left but where I was standing at. Everything else was gone.

Recounting the moments leading up to the collapse, second-floor resident Robert Robinson also told The QCT that he walked outside for a smoke break and went back in as alarms went off.

“When we started to go back in the lights went out,” he told the newspaper. “All of a sudden everybody started running out saying the building collapsed. I’m glad we came down when we did.”

Mr Robinson and his girlfriend were able to take the elevator down just in time, he said.

“This is horrible,” he said. “We don’t have anywhere to go. Nothing to eat.”

Andrea Blanco29 May 2023 15:45


Gas leak noted as possible cause as fire chief warns of secondary collapse

Fire Chief Carlsten also said during the news conference that the back of the six-storey residential complex had not only collapsed but separated from the building during Sunday’s incident, compromising its apartments on the upper floors and businesses at ground level.

Authorities found a gas leak after the collapse, he added, also saying that water had leaked throughout the floors of the structure.

The stability of the building remains a concern as rescue workers continue their investigations at the scene, Mr Carlsten noted.

Joe Sommerlad29 May 2023 15:30


Fire chief gives early morning update

Davenport fire chief Michael Carlsten held a news conference on Monday morning to provide an update on search efforts.

He said one person was rescued from the wreckage overnight – bringing the total number of rescues to eight. More than a dozen others were escorted out of the building in the immediate aftermath of the collapse.

Mr Carlsten said it is unclear if anyone is still missing, but the search is ongoing.

“No known individuals are trapped in that facility,” he said.

The fire chief did not disclose the number of people injured or the extent of any injuries. The one person rescued overnight was taken to the hospital, he said.

Davenport mayor Mike Matson also spoke at the press conference and thanked first responders for their efforts.

“When something like this happens here, and tragedy strikes, our responders immediately do their work and their job and I can’t thank them enough,” he said.

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Jarring photos capture extent of collapse

Emergency crews work the scene of a partial apartment building collapse in Davenport, Iowa


Davenport residents listen to an official update on the building collapse


The facade of the red brick building was ripped off, exposing the apartment units inside


A firefighter climbs through the wreckage of the collapsed building


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Residents say building was known to have issues

While it could be some time before the cause of the collapse becomes clear, locals living in the area told The Quad-City Times that the building was known to have problems in the past.

Jennifer Smith is co-owner of Fourth Street Nutrition, a business located in the building.

She said she learned of the explosion from her husband, who works for Mid-American Energy.

“He was on call and got called in for a building explosion downtown. We had no idea it was our building,” she told the newspaper.

“It sounds bad, but we have been calling the city and giving complaints since December. Our bathroom caved in December.”

Ms Smith said there had been visible water damage in their space, and she’d heard other dire warnings.

“The tenants told us the building was going to collapse,” she said.

Fire crews were in the building for an inspection as recently as Thursday, Ms Smith’s business partner Deonte Mack told The Quad-City Times.

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Search continues for survivors of horror building collapse

Rescue crews are continuing to search the wreckage of a partially collapsed building in Davenport, Iowa, without knowing how many people could still be trapped.

A portion of a red brick apartment building on the city’s Main Street collapsed at around 5pm on Sunday.

Photos showed at least one fourth of the units destroyed, with the building’s facade ripped off and the interior exposed.

As of Monday morning, a total of eight people had been rescued from the wreckage and the number of people missing remains unclear. No deaths have been reported.

The cause of the collapse has not been determined but some locals have said the building was known to have problems.

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