Road ‘Map’ to Ram Rajya on Your Wall: Ayodhya to Ashok Vatika, Firm Builds Heritage Connect through Tech​


MapmyIndia Mappls, an indigenous company specialising in deep tech, has released a series of physical, printed map artwork, named The Ramayan Maps to help Indians connect with and feel closer to Indian culture and heritage, through the lens of maps.

According to MapmyIndia Mappls, the homegrown company took this initiative to help people to feel a closer connection with India’s past heritage and culture.

The company, which recently unveiled an app for the logistics ecosystem named Mappls swadeshi consumer app, wants to make it easier for Indians to see the important events of the Ramayana juxtaposed on the locations across the present-day Indian sub-continent so that all understand the cultural significance of various places.

Rohan Verma, CEO and Executive Director of MapmyIndia, said: “The Ramayana story is something everyone has grown up with. Seeing the story and its key events depicted on a map, and that too a map of ancient India from the era would be emotionally special and also show the significance of various places.”


This physical printed map artwork on canvas, which is available in varying sizes with the option of Hindi and English, traces and showcases the journey of Shri Ram — from his birth to the establishment of the Ram Rajya — on a rarely seen map of India from around 5000 BCE.

It marks Ayodhya, Mithila, Dandakaranya forests, Ram Setu, Ashok Vatika in Sri Lanka, among other Ramayana landmarks. It shows the erstwhile entities in their original names and their current name, making the map historically relevant.

When asked what makes this map unique, Verma said the difference between a Google image and their map is “the physicality and emotionality attached with it”.

“The map is printed on canvas, has antique cartographic and calligraphic styling, and is simply beautiful to touch, evoking an emotion, and having a presence that a digital image on a computer cannot,” he added.

One of the maps. (

In terms of the accuracy of this map, the CEO stated that extensive research was conducted, including material from numerous books and websites, to make this artwork, and Ramayana was used as the story base.

The map was created using state-of-the-art geospatial technology, to co-relate present-day India’s map with historical locations and show scaled map in kilometres as well as yojanas.

Additionally, Rakesh Verma, Co-founder, Chairman and Managing Director of the company, said: “This attempt is also a continuation of our efforts to familiarise all Indians with their rich cultural heritage through the lens of maps and location technologies, which we initiated with our Pray App (, available on Android and iOS) which is bringing joy and solace to millions of Indians every day.”

“Our company’s flagship Mappls app (available on Android, iOS and Web) lets all users search for and navigate to all places across India, including those of cultural, historical, religious and spiritual significance, establishing MapmyIndia Mappls as a truly local, swadeshi, indigenous, Indian company serving the needs of all Indians in the best way,” he added.

However, customers can select between aesthetically designed acrylic framed maps and frameless canvas maps, which can be purchased from the MapmyIndia store at, as well as from leading eCommerce platforms such as Flipkart, Meesho, and Snapdeal.

According to Rohan Verma, hundreds of such maps have been sold so far, even though the company began the printing and publicising process only a few days ago.

The CEO is expecting to sell tens of thousands of these in the coming years.

Furthermore, he told News18: “Beyond the numbers, it is the incredibly positive feedback and emotions from people who bought the map and hung it on their walls that matters. All age groups, genders across the country and communities have appreciated it.”

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