Rooftop solar ensured 52MW generation in grid from over 3k housing societies across Maharashtra – Times of India


MUMBAI: The state solar rooftop scheme has helped 3,026 housing societies across Maharashtra generate 52 MW of electricity in the grid, and saved them lakhs of rupees in electricity bills.
“We appeal to more housing societies to install rooftop solar power generation projects,” said MSEDCL managing director Vijay Singhal on Monday. He said that the electricity generated due to roof top solar projects in housing societies was used for operating the lifts, water pumps and lighting of stairs and parking areas.
“If excess power is generated in the rooftop solar project, it is passed on to the grid to MSEDCL and recorded through net metering,” he said. “In lieu of the electricity supplied to the grid, MSEDCL provides a reduction in the society’s monthly electricity bill,” he added.
As an example, he cited the case of a housing society in Thane which installed a 90 kilowatt solar power plant and the electricity bill of Rs 1.5 lakh was reduced to Rs 71,000. In another housing society, an 80 kilowatt solar power plant had brought down the power bill from Rs 1.48 lakh to Rs 66,000.
“MSEDCL helps housing societies to install rooftop solar power plants,” he added. Complete information about this has been given on website of MSEDCL and facility of online application is available.
Housing societies get a 20 per cent subsidy for rooftop solar power generation projects up to 500 KW capacity.

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