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PUNE: Around 23% of commercial transport vehicles were found to be plying without valid fitness certificate during a three-day campaign conducted by the Pune RTO officials last week.
“The drive started on April 4 and centred around commercial transport vehicles, including heavy vehicles. Around 1,000 vehicles were checked and 225 of them were found to be plying without fitness certificates. Some of them had expired certificates with them. While a fine of around Rs10lakh has been collected from them so far, the fact that so many vehicles are running without the certificate is a matter of concern,” an RTO official said.

According to estimates, around 25% of all transport vehicles do not have valid certificates, the official added. “We are formulating a plan which includes appealing to all transport unions to look into the matter and asking their members to get the certificate without any delay. Such campaigns will also be conducted on a regular basis and those caught without the certificate will be fined heavily. Some surprise campaigns are being planned,” another RTO official pointed out.
Around 70,000 to 80,000 transport vehicles of various types operate in Pune district. Baba Shinde, president, Maharashtra State Goods and Passenger Transport Association, said that financial crunch due to the pandemic had resulted in transport vehicles plying without fitness certificates.
“For getting a fitness certificate, all vehicle documents need to be updated and insurance of the vehicle is most important. The last two years of the pandemic have caused heavy financial losses to them as vehicles were practically stranded with no business. Any heavy transport vehicle needs between Rs70,000 and Rs1lakh for insurance renewal and transporters don’t have the money. Now, with the market opening, they are updating all their documents and going for fitness tests. An online appointment needs to be sought from the RTO for the test, which takes almost a fortnight. We are asking transporters not to delay the test,” Shinde said.

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