Safer Internet Day 2022: Here’s How You Can Keep Kids Safe Online


Safer Internet Day 2022: February 9 is dedicated to promoting and observing Safer Internet Day. The world is observing the 19th Safer Internet Day this year. The internet is both a curse and a boon to the world, but it all depends on how much you rely on it. With the pandemic bringing the new normal, we have become more dependent on the internet. Kids have also been more exposed to the virtual world due to classrooms moving online. If you’re one of those parents and teachers who are worrying about kids’ safety online, here are some tips to keep them safe on the internet:

Secure your laptop/computer with a password and unlock it when they want to use it.

Download internet security in your devices and keep updating it with time.

Use parental controls on your device that will block inappropriate websites.

If your kid is under daycare, with babysitters or with grandparents, teach them tech rules and guidelines.

Do not share your card details or other banking passwords with your kids to avoid unnecessary troubles.

Teach your kid the value of the device they have, to avoid thefts and carelessness.

Teach your kid the value of the device they have, to avoid thefts and carelessness. (Representative Image: Shutterstock)

If your child is a teenager, keep an eye on their social media platforms or the apps they use.

There are several cybercrime issues that are reported on a daily basis. Be open to your child and talk to them about the issues, to keep them alert and attentive.

There are several apps on the internet that keep track of inappropriate language and texts, used on the device.

Gaming has also become another platform for kids to have social interaction. Several games allow online interaction and as a parent, you must keep a few options for interaction, on the app itself.

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