Samsung Galaxy App Store Has A Security Risk: Update Right Away


Last Updated: January 24, 2023, 19:22 IST

Samsung Galaxy app store has some issue

Samsung offers its own Galaxy Store for apps that are exclusive to Galaxy smartphone users.

Samsung Galaxy phones generally rely on the Play Store for most of the apps but you also have the company’s own Galaxy Store which has its own set of apps like Samsung Pay, Wallet and more. This week, a report came out which states that the Galaxy App store has some security vulnerability which should not be ignored by anyone who uses a Samsung Galaxy phone.

The details regarding the issue have been shared by cybersecurity firm NCC Group. The researchers at the firm found the vulnerability in Galaxy Store during the period November 23 to December 3 last year. It was even assigned a Common Vulnerability and Exposures number CVE-2023-21433.

So what security risk has been mentioned by the NCC Group? Researchers claim the issue in Galaxy Store is severe enough to allow bad actors to gain access to the data stored on the device. Users might see the apps crashing, which could be a sign that their device has been affected by the vulnerability.

The risk also means the attacker can install any app on the affected device without the person knowing of such activity.

The underlying issue of the vulnerability is that if a user clicks on any unknown link through Google Chrome or the malicious app, the attacker now has the control over the operations. In such cases you also have the risk of losing confidential data and in some cases money being stolen from accounts.

Samsung is definitely concerned about the issue, which seems to be affecting devices that are running on Android 12 version or earlier.

Thankfully, the company has been proactive with its Android 13 update roll out in the past few months, which reduces the number of devices that can fall prey to this vulnerability. In addition to this, Samsung has already released an updated version of the Galaxy Store which fixes the issue reported by the cybersecurity firm. You can also if your device has got an official Android 13 OS upgrade from the company, which also protects you from this issue.

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