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NEW DELHI: Samsung users you can now put your old Galaxy smartphones to use. The consumer electronics giant has introduced a new beta program that will help Samsung users to use their old Galaxy smartphones as smart home sensors.
Users will have to download a software update that will turn their old smartphone into a smart home sensor. As a smart home sensor, the smartphone will be able to detect the sound of a baby crying or can also turn on the lamp when it gets dark. Presently, the program is limited to some select models which were launched in 2018 and later.
Samsung announced this program earlier this year at CES and it has now started rolling out the program in the US, UK and Korea.
After downloading the software update via the SmartThings app, users will be able to access two basic functions. Firstly, the smartphone will function as an audio sensor and will be able to detect the sound of a baby crying, pet barking and knock on the door. It will then send an alert on your phone with a recording of the sound.
Secondly, it will also function as a light level sensor and will turn on a connected light automatically when the rooms get dark.
Samsung also mentioned that the update comes with battery optimisation which keeps the phone powered and functioning for a longer period of time.
The Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Z series of smartphones which were launched in 2018 onwards are eligible for the program. The company also mentions that it will expand the devices supported in the future.

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