Samsung’s New Update For Galaxy Watch 4 Is Making It Unusable: Here’s Why


Last Updated: November 08, 2022, 17:23 IST

Galaxy Watch 4 has firmware issues

Last year’s Galaxy Watch model is getting a new firmware update which won’t power on after installing the update.

Samsung has issued a new firmware update for its Galaxy Watch 4 wearable recently but everything hasn’t gone according to plan for the company. Many Galaxy Watch 4 users have complained this update has made their smartwatch unusable as it can brick the device.

As per reports, this issue has been reported with the firmware update version R8xxXXU1GVI3 and when the user installs the new firmware and restarts their Galaxy Watch 4 or the Watch 4 Classic, the smartwatch won’t power on.

Most users facing this problem have reported from South Korea and a few other countries, but since the smartwatch doesn’t power on after installing the firmware, we are not sure if the problem is related to the software or the hardware itself.

We suggest that anyone of you facing this problem with your Galaxy Watch 4 model should reach out to Samsung right away and hopefully the company can sort the issue without much introspection. In fact, there is a chance that Samsung might replace the unit if it finds the issue irreparable.

If some of you are still waiting for the firmware update and haven’t installed it on your Galaxy Watch 4 units, we suggest you to hold on it for a few days. Software updates are taken with a hint of pessimism these days.

Many brands have been allegedly offering such improvements which end up rendering the device unusable. Samsung should provide some updates on this issue in the coming days and we are hopeful it will be fixed quickly. The new Galaxy Watch 5 series launched alongside the Galaxy Fold 4 and the Z Flip 4 in August and this year’s Watch lineup gets a Pro model as well.

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