Shankar Mishra’s father Shyam Mishra’s defence: ‘Air India victim is 72, he has 18-year-old daughter’


Air India urination case: Shankar Mishra’s father said there were no eyewitnesses to the incident. (File)

Shankar Mishra’s father, Shyam Mishra, refused to believe that his son urinated on a 72-year-old woman inside the business class of an Air India flight. He called the case against his absconding son completely false. His defence: the woman was like his mother and that he has an 18-year-old daughter.

Mishra spoke with the media and said the case was false. He just had food on the flight and then slept. He said that his 34-year-old son would commit such an act.

He told the news agency ANI that his son hadn’t slept for 30-35 hours. He said he may have consumed the drink given by the crew but he didn’t do anything after that. He said he was questioned by the airline after he woke up.

He said he doesn’t think that he would urinate on the woman as she was a 72-year-old woman akin to his mother.

“How can he do it? He is married and has an 18-year-old daughter,” he said.

Mishra senior said there were no eyewitnesses to the incident.

Shankar Mishra was on Friday sacked from the company Wells Fargo where he worked as the vice-president.

The company said he had been terminated as he found the allegations deeply disturbing.

Shankar Mishra’s statement on Air India urination: ‘Got bags, clothes cleaned, no eyewitness, victim condoned act’

Mishra has been absconding. Several of Delhi police’s teams have been searching for him.

Meanwhile, Shankar Mishra released a statement through his lawyers claiming the victim had reached an agreement with him and had no intention to lodge a police complaint.

He also claimed he had the victim’s clothes and bag cleaned two days after the alleged incident.

He said there was no eyewitness to the alleged incident.

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