Shruti Haasan’s beau Santanu Hazarika opens up about their live-in relationship, marriage


Shruti Haasan has been vocal about her relationship with doodle artist Santanu Hazarika, and now even the latter spoke about her, and how they’re truly fond of each other. While speaking to Pinkvilla, Santanu confirmed that they are dating, and they truly love each other. He further added that apart from being emotionally involved, they also have also common grounds like creating art, music, and influencing each other in different ways. 

The couple is enjoying their creative journey for both of us, and they both feed off each other’s creative energies. As per Santanu, it is something that is really inspiring and pushes us forward. He is always inspired by her and even Shruti said that he motivates her. 

Shruti and Santanu are living together and he feels that moving in have helped their bond in a positive manner. Hazarika said that they are very much like best friends and have so much fun together. Santanu further added that the best thing about them is that we can be in the same room for hours, and be there in our own comfort zone rather than getting irritated, disturbed, or maybe feeling uncomfortable. Hazarika believes it is possible because their relationship is based on friendship, and they’re best of friends. 

The ‘Bestseller’ actress and her beau have made a point to have a creative conversation daily. This makes their life happening and there is not even a single day that they are bored of certain things. Hazarika believes that such a ‘marriage of creativity’ is more than marriage. 

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