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Do you get thwacked by the waves of woe and downfall? You need a dose of optimism, and we know someone who can help you with that. She is Deepa Sree! A fashion and beauty enthusiast who always sways in the breeze of positivity no matter what. Besides playing with the elements of glamour, Deepa Sree is also an astrologer and a tarot card reader.

While the influencer is cherished and idolised for her positive attitude toward life, we have learned that Deepa is currently jotting down a book answering how she always maintains a positive approach in all the situations of her life. We are confident that this book by Deepa Sree will bestow you with super beneficial insights. Wouldn’t it be amazing to learn the lessons of optimism from this fashion lady? Undoubtedly yes!!

Deepa Sree has always promoted positivity and asked us to be happy-go-lucky in every situation. She believes that by being constructive, one can derive positivity from every situation. Deepa Sree says, “We are living in an era where the atmosphere changes from chirpy to gloomy very quickly. One small thing and people get depressed effortlessly. This needs to stop! Right?”

Deepa explains how being positive affects us. She says that we often used white walls to make our rooms look spacious, clean and full of light. Similarly, positivity can be used to colour the walls of our minds to make us full of life and high-spirited. Isn’t this simple and susceptible? Now, we wonder what magic Deepa Sree’s book will do.

As a fashion and beauty guru, this lady has led the way for us amazingly. The content that she creates and shares on social media is not only outstanding but also very helpful. Deepa Sree has worked with more than 500 brands and also posts contact related to astrology. She also uploads tarot card reading videos sometimes.

Through these readings, she shares positive energy. Deepa Sree gets unconditional love and appreciation for doing the same. Her DMs are flooded with people thanking her for the readings, fashion tips, beauty hacks, product reviews, fitness regimes, and whatnot! We are very much excited to read what’s in Deepa’s book, aren’t you?


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