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KOLKATA: The New Town mini zoo authorities are implementing a series of precautionary measures following an incident where a zookeeper, Prasad Barman, was gored by a spotted deer while feeding it inside its enclosure. Barman is currently hospitalized, recovering from intestinal wounds and is on a liquid diet.
Retractable gates are being installed at all enclosures, featuring separate feeding zones where food will be placed. After the feeder exits, a retractable gate will be opened, allowing animals to access the feeding zone. A senior forest department official said, “The gates are expected to be operational by the end of this week. Zookeepers have also received training on diverting animals to a different section of the enclosure while food is being served.”
A team of personnel, “zoo buddies”, has been trained to monitor animals during feeding. The official explained, “They will observe the animals’ behaviour daily and inform zookeepers and veterinarians if they notice changes.” In response to the incident, the official said, “The incident served as an eye-opener. It led us to adopt several precautionary measures. Zookeepers have been given clear instructions not to feed animals up close. They have undergone specialized training in recent days.”
Forest officials suspect the deer’s aggression may have been triggered by the mating season. A senior official from Charnock Hospital, where the injured zookeeper is receiving treatment, said, “The Ryles tube has been removed, as he is now able to consume food orally. He will remain under observation for a few more days.”

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