‘Strangled, then chopped off both hands’: MP man kills his son after boy found out about father’s affair


‘Strangled, then chopped off both hands’: MP man kills his son after boy found out about father’s affair

In Madhya Pradesh’s Dewas district, a horrifying incident has come to light. Police discovered the chopped body of Hariom, a 15-year-old boy from the village of Bangarda, on December 6 in the nearby area of the Barotha police station. On the third day following the incident, the police made the murder case public after conducting a thorough investigation.

Dr. Shiv Dayal Singh, the Dewas SP, reported that the father had killed his son Hariom by strangling him. Later, both of his hands were severed from the shoulder and dropped into a boring pit that was 350 feet deep. The father has admitted to killing his son brutally at the insistence of his girlfriend. Both the accused father Mohanlal and his 28-year-old girlfriend Asha have been taken into custody by the police.

Mohanlal, the father of the deceased Hariom, was questioned about the incident by the MP‘s Barotha police station, which was looking into the case. For the first time, the accused father admitted to the police that his son Hariom had gone to the field to water the crops at about 2.30 in the morning on December 5th. “He didn’t get home until five the following morning. We earlier believed he had visited his maternal uncle’s home,” victim’s father Mohanlal told police.

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The victim’s father changed his story when he was questioned a second time, which led the police to become suspicious of him, Aaj Tak reported. The father then became confused while being questioned by the police about his own statement. The killing of his son Hariom was eventually admitted to by the man.

As soon as they realised the gravity of the situation, SP Dr. Shiv Dayal Singh, Additional SP Manjit Singh Chawla, and other top officials arrived. The investigation also engaged the assistance of the dog squad. Authorities spent hours searching through the area’s bushes in an effort to find the severed hand.

The accused’s father Mohanlal informed the police that his son had come to realise his illicit relationship with Asha, the wife of his cousin. On December 2, Hariom discovered both of them in an inappropriate position, and Asha pressured Mohanlal to kill his son so that he could not expose it to anyone.

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According to Mohanlal, “I then woke up Hariom from his sleep at around 2:30 am on December 5th and asked him to walk to the farm. He came with me to the farm. There I took him to the terrace of the house on the farm.” Then the son was strangled with a rope. When the son died, both his hands were cut off with a sickle.

The accused confessed that the dead body had been dumped in the field’s bushes. The son’s amputated hands were thrown into a 350-foot-deep boring that was constructed on the farm. After that, he admitted giving police false information about the murder of the son at around 5:18 in the morning.

According to the police, the accused father and his girlfriend have been having an extramarital affair for the past five years. Asha is the mother of two kids. The accused murderers, the father and his girlfriend, have been taken into custody.

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