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PUNE: Prices of leafy vegetables have nosedived both in the retail and wholesale markets in the city on account of surplus arrivals over the past few days.
A bunch of coriander is being sold atRs8-Rs10 at retail outlets. Similarly, a bunch of fenugreek (methi), spinach (paalak), and dill (shepu) is being sold at prices between Rs5 and Rs12.

Gultekdi market yard officials said that they were getting over 1 lakh bunches of coriander per day for the last few days. Similarly, the arrival of fenugreek, spinach, and dill is also in excess.
The prices of all these vegetables were high over the last few weeks. Dutta Kalamkar, head of vegetables’ section, Market Yard, said, ,“The weather condition for leafy vegetables has been conducive at least for the last three weeks in Pune and neighbouring districts. As such, farmers are getting good harvest. This has resulted in large arrival of leafy vegetables in markets,” Kalamkar told TOI on Tuesday.
APMC officials said that similar trend has been noticed in rural Pune, too. In Narayangaon APMC market, some vegetables growers had to dump their stock of coriander as they could not sell it in the open auction.

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