Taslima Nasreen says hip surgery was forced on her. Delhi Hospital says she consented


Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen has claimed a private Delhi hospital ‘created a panic situation’ and ‘forced’ her into a hip replacement surgery. The hospital has denied the claim and, in a statement reported by the Indian Express, said the diagnosis and operation had been ‘formally consented’ to by the patient, who is not following recommended protocol.

Taslima Nasreen accused a doctor – who she said did not show her X-ray or CT scan results – and the hospital of ‘lying’ and declared they would be responsible ‘if I die because of the complications of total hip replacement…’ She also said a false discharge summary was made.

In a series of tweets Tuesday, the exiled author said she went to the hospital for a consultation regarding knee pain and was told by the doctor that she had a fractured hip.

“I was at Apollo for knee pain. Dr Yatinder Kharbanda told me I had hip fracture but didn’t show me x-ray/CT. I was admitted for fixation on Jan 13 but on Jan 14 he forced me to do total hip replacement. Later found no hip fracture and false discharge summery was made.”

She claimed she had not been given ‘any time to think, consult with friends and family (or) get a second opinion’ and that she is now unable to walk because of the ‘wrong treatment’.

“I was healthy and fit… was running on Jan 1. I cannot walk on Jan 31… because of Dr Kharbanda’s wrong treatment,” she tweeted, declaring, “I had to pay 742,845.00 (seven lakh forty two thousand…) to Apollo hospital to buy my disability.”

“After reaching Apollo Hospital with knee pain, he (the doctor) did my THR (total hip replacement) within a few hours. It is still a nightmare. He lied to me about X-ray and CT findings. I regret… not leaving Apollo when they pressurised me…”

She also called the hospital’s statement a ‘lie’ said she wished she had gone to the national capital’s government-run All India Institute of Medical Sciences and ‘got the right treatment’.

The hospital said: “The patient had reported to the hospital with a history of a fall which had left her immobilised. Treating consultant, able and experienced surgeon with over three decades of experience in the field, diagnosed the condition using prescribed diagnostic and work up tools. Given her medical condition and age, hip replacement was recommended.”

This, the hospital said, was agreed to by the patient, who was discharged as per protocol after the surgery was successfully completed. The hospital also said, “Patient has been advised following the advice upon discharge, including physiotherapy, in order to ensure full and safe recovery. Unfortunately, this is not being followed. Strongly urge her to continue with the treatment advice which is as per national and international evidence-based protocols.”

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