The untimely demise of former Australia all-rounder Andrew Symonds, aged 46, following a car accident on May 15, has still not settled well with fans and friends alike. This unfortunate incident had taken place on the outskirts of Townsville in Queensland. 

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While the world mourns the death of the legendary cricketer, Symonds’ better half Laura said that she has still not completely recovered from the shock and thinking of their two kids – Chloe and Billy. She added that her late spouse was an extremely chilled operator and always had time for everyone. 

“We are still in shock – I’m just thinking of the two kids. He was such a big person, and there is just so much of him in his kids. He was the most laidback person. Nothing stressed him out. He was an extremely chilled operator. So practical. He was never good with his phone, but he always had time for everyone”, Laura said according to Cricket Times.

“He always felt extremely self-conscious about his intellect and would say ‘I didn’t go to Uni and don’t have degrees’, but he was so practical and really intelligent in his own way. He was a great commentator. He didn’t show it on the screen, but he was really nervous sometimes. He could read plays and read players and articulate it in layman’s terms. I am not a cricket nuffy, but I could understand the game when he explained it to me. He brought humor to it, and it was not serious,” she added.

Symonds is the third Australian cricketer to have passed away in the year 2022 after yesteryear great Rod Marsh and spin legend Shane Warne. 

Talking about the accident, according to reports, the local police said that emergency services tried to revive Symonds, but he had succumbed to his injuries as soon as the car left the road and rolled.

The cricketer was an integral part of the dream Australian team and was involved in two World Cup triumphs in 2003 and 2007. He was even part of the squad that won the Champions Trophy in 2006.

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