This Bengaluru landlord invests ₹8 lakh in tenant’s start-up; Internet impressed


In an age where landlords in Bengaluru are demanding LinkedIn profiles of potential tenants and rejecting them based on their score in 12th boards, this landlord has impressed the internet after investing 8 lakh in his tenant’s start-up.

The tenant received 10,000 dollars investment from his landlord, which comes up to 8.24 lakh. (REPRESENTATIVE PHOTO)

The tenant, named Pawan Gupta, is the co-founder and CEO of a matrimony app called Betterhalf AI. He took to Twitter to narrate the story of how he found an unexpected investor in his landlord.

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Gupta praised the entrepreneurial spirit of Bengaluru residents and said the city is called the “Silicon Valley of India” for a reason. Using the hashtag Peak Bengaluru moment, he wrote, “In a tough business landscape, I found an unexpected investor in my landlord. He recently invested $10K in my start up @betterhalfai. Truly amazed by the entrepreneurial spirit everyone in Bangalore shows. Silicon Valley of India for a reason. #peakbengalurumoment.”

He also shared a screenshot of the conversation he had with his landlord. “I’m investing in you, honestly. All the best and hope you reach the greatest of heights. Dropped the investment. $10K,” the landlord’s text messages read.

The start-up, Betterhalf AI, is called “India’s new age matrimony app” and “India’s first marriage super app”, to “find a compatible life partner and make your happily ever after a reality”.

Gupta’s tweet had nearly 200 likes and over 200 retweets at the time this article was being written, and Twitter users flooded the comment section with shocked and impressed replies.

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“Is that actually in $ ?? That’s great funding. Best wishes,” a user wrote, to which Gupta replied, “Yes – that’s correct. Bangalore surprises you.” 10,000 dollars are worth 8.24 lakh.

“This is such a great news!” another reply read. Other responses included “Woah how cool is this,” and “This is something viral.”

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