Thunivu director H Vinoth breaks silence on Ajith Kumar film’s box office clash with Thalapathy Vijay starrer Varisu



The Pongal weekend in January 2023 will see the box office clash between Ajith Kumar and Thalapathy Vijay as their respective films Thunivu and Varisu are scheduled to arrive in theatres at the same time next month. While the release date for Varisu has been announced by the film’s distributors as January 12, Thunivu will reportedly release a day prior on January 11.

Talking about this much-awaited box-office clash, Thunivu director H Vinoth, in a recent interview, said that such clashes should be encouraged as then the filmmakers will be encouraged to make better films as they would know that their movies are pitted against another major film.

Talking to Chennai Times, H Vinoth said, “I don’t think such a clash should be a topic of such a huge discussion, though unfortunately, it has become one. That said, if you think about it, isn’t it better for audiences to have a choice instead of just one film vying for their attention? Business-wise, there is very little difference – about 10-20 percent – between their films turning out to be a hit or a flop. Content-wise, the media will let people know which film is better. So, both our teams have to mainly focus on giving a better film.”

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He continued, “Actually, such clashes between films should be encouraged because filmmakers will then try to deliver a good film as they are pitted against another film. The numbers game is gone now. Just like how globalisation changed the automobile and IT industries, our film industry has undergone a transformation post-pandemic-induced OTT consumption. Audiences have started to compare our films with global cinema.”

“The market for our films has gone beyond our boundaries. The business of a Tamil film outside Tamil Nadu now makes up almost 50 percent of its collection. This percentage is only going to go higher in the future. So, getting rid of our insecurities and developing a competitive mindset is the best way for our industry to grow. Fighting between ourselves will only be detrimental”, the filmmaker concluded.

For the unversed, Thunivu is the third straight collaboration between the director H Vinoth, the superstar Ajith Kumar, and the producer Boney Kapoor after the legal drama Nerkonda Paarvai in 2019 and Valimai in 2022. The former is an official Tamil remake of the Hindi film Pink starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu.

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