Two stray puppies killed in Delhi’s Dwaraka, bodies left hanging


Two stray puppies were strangled and their bodies left to rot in a vacant plot in Sector 9 of Delhi’s Dwaraka neighbourhood, where they were discovered Wednesday. The horrific incident came to light after senior Congress leader and lawyer Abhishek Manu Singhvi tweeted the screenshot of a Facebook post that said it took place on Tuesday evening and after the three-month-old puppies’ mother was taken away for sterilisation.

The Facebook post also said the puppies appeared to have been healthy and well-fed, and a basic medical examination revealed they had been immunised and de-wormed. The puppies lived in the vacant plot with their four siblings, who are now at a local animal shelter.

“This is unbelievable. How. Anyone who can think of doing this, much less do it, is unimaginable. Logic says no but the full force of the heart says the perpetrators must meet the same fate as victims,” Singhvi tweeted as he shared the Facebook post.

The screenshots shared by Singhvi – which Hindustan Times is not publishing because of the sensitive nature of the images, but can be viewed here – shows the two puppies’ bodies; one is seen hanging from a tree and the other thrown to the ground.

Delhi Police have registered a case and efforts are being made to identify and arrest the accused, deputy commissioner of police Harsha Vardhan was quoted by news agency PTI.

“Yesterday when I went to feed the dogs, I saw that two out of six puppies were killed-one was hanging by a tree branch& other one was strangled to death. Carcass were sent for postmortem”, Venesa Alphonso, a woman who filed the complaint told ANI.

Singhvi’s tweet has sparked anger and outrage online, with one person calling it ‘sickening’ and many demanding strict action against the accused.

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