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MUMBAI: Asked to pay for excess baggage at the international airport in Mumbai, a homemaker threw a fit and announced that her bag contained a bomb. She was handed over by the CISF to Sahar police. A search of her baggage revealed nothing untoward. A court subsequently released her on bail.
The woman is in her forties and lives in south Mumbai with her husband and two children. Her husband is a businessman. On May 29, she was scheduled to fly to Kolkata to meet her mother.
She reached the SpiceJet baggage check-in counter around 5.30pm and asked for a boarding pass.She handed over two bags for check-in. The airline’s rules allow a single bag for domestic travel and 15kg is maximum permissible. But the woman was carrying two bags weighing 22.05kg totally.
The executive explained to her that her baggage was over the permissible limit and she would be required to pay charges, but the woman refused to pay.
Dog squad called after flyer’s bomb threat
A woman flyer at Terminal 2 of CSMIA who said she had a bomb in her bag was charged and produced before a local court which granted her bail the next morning.
“She started to yell and picked up a fight with the executive at the check-in counter. I asked her to calm down and tried to explain airline rules to her. But she was in no mood to listen and started to argue with me as well,” said another airline executive in her statement to Sahar police. The two executives started to speak to each other in Marathi, which infuriated the woman even further. She accused them of harassing non-Marathi speakers. By then, CISF inspector Muthu Kumar arrived at the check-in counter. The executives explained what had happened and also informed their supervisor over the phone.
After Kumar had introduced himself to the woman, she suddenly said, “I have a bomb.” Given that the airport is an iconic installation and every threat is taken seriously, the CISF inspector called the dog squad. But the sniffer dogs found nothing suspicious in her bag. By then, security officers and supervisors with SpiceJet had arrived. One of them called the police emergency number 100 and relayed the information.
Sahar police registered an FIR against the woman on charges of ‘endangering lives and safety of others’. As it was post-sunset, she was not taken into custody as per procedure. She was produced before a local court the next morning where she was granted bail. Sahar police said they have filed a chargesheet in the case as the probe was over. Police did not disclose the woman’s identity.

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