Urfi Javed detained: Know top controversies of Bigg Boss OTT fame fashion influencer


Social media star, Urfi Javed has been detained at the Dubai. As per reports, the Bigg Boss fame was shooting a video in revealing clothes in the country and she has been detained. As per India Today’s reports, the DIY expert and television star is being questioned by authorities. There have been no official confirmations in this regard so far. 

Urfi Javed was vacationing in the UAE and was shooting a video in a public place in revealing clothes, which is prohibited in the country, as per India Today. After this, she was detained and is being questioned. Urfi Javed is famous for her bold style and unique take on fashion. Recently, actresses have been surrounded by many controversies. Here are all the controversies around Urfi Javed this year: 

Spat with the author

Recently, noted actor Chetan Bhagat commented that Urfi Javed’s clothes are ‘distracting boys’. Enraged by the comment, Javed responded by sharing his WhatsApp chats. In clarification, Bhagat wrote, “Have never spoken to/chatted with/met/ known someone where it’s being spread that I have done so. It’s fake. a lie. Also a non-issue. Haven’t criticised anyone. And I also think there’s nothing wrong in telling people to stop wasting time on Instagram and focus on fitness and career.”

Group of teenagers 

A group of teenagers got her number and abused her constantly over call. Addressing the issues, Javed said, “This kid and his 10 friends have been calling me nonstop (I have been using the same number for 10 numbers, I don’t know from where did they get it). They are calling and abusing me. What is wrong with kids these days? Harassing me for no reason! I am going to file a police complaint against the 10 of them but if anyone knows their parents, let me know. I’ll reward you!”

Urfi vs Bhau 

Urfi Javed recently released a video of Bhau. In the video Bhau was seen warning Javed to improve her dressing style or he will teach her a lesson. Urfi uploaded the video with the caption, “This is now, suddenly he has an issue with what I dress after I refused to give him media attention. It’s over, your honour! Conclusion: Publicity-hungry a**holes willing to do everything to gain fame.”

Police complain by a social media user 

Javed released a behind-the-scenes video of her song ‘Haye Haye Yeh Majboori in a revealing outfit. Following this, a complaint was filed against her. Many viewers criticized her for her outfit after seeing the video, and one user filed a complaint for “posting or transmitting content that comprises sexually explicit act in the electronic form.” 

Spat with paparazzi

“Do I not respect you?” asked Javed to paparazzi commenting about her attire. Isn’t it true that I respect you sufficiently? Have I ever been impolite to anyone? Jhalak pe aayi thi last time, koi ek banda tum mein se comment kar raha hai ki aaj dhang ke kapde pehen ke aayi hai. What is your name? “Do you have any awaaz?” “I am not coming for this, please…tumhe agar kapdo pe remark karna hai na apni girlfriend aur apni ma behen ke ghar pe jake karo,” she continues. Aaj ke baad, mein kapdo pe koi remark nahi karega. I have so much respect for you folks, and if this is all I get back!

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