US mass shooting: Four dead, three injured in Indiana’s Greenwood Park Mall; witness kills shooter


Shootings broke out in the food court of an Indiana mall Sunday night, killing three people and injuring two more, and an armed citizen killed the gunman, authorities said.

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According to Greenwood Park Mall Chief Jim Ison, the suspect entered the food court with a firearm and many magazines of ammunition and began fire.

Ison further revealed  that a citizen with an armed weapon shot the guy. According to him, four persons were killed and two were wounded.

Around 6 pm in the evening, officers responded to reports of gunshots at the mall. Authorities are scanning the mall for any other casualties, but they think that the gunshot was restricted to the food court.

In a restroom near the food court, a suspicious bag was found, Ison added.

Numerous organisations, including the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, are lending a hand in the probe.

“We are sickened by yet another type of incident like this in our country,” Indianapolis Assistant Chief of Police Chris Bailey said.

Greenwood is a south Indianapolis suburb with a population of around 60,000.

(With Inputs from PTI)

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