US: Two people injured in shooting at Gurudwara in California


There were at least two shootings near the Gurdwara Sacramento Sikh Society temple on Sunday, according to ANI. As of this writing, no suspect has been identified. In Sacramento County, California, the incident occurred at a Gurudwara.

A Sikh temple on Bradshaw Road in Sacramento County had at least two persons fired at on Sunday. It is unknown whether the shooting and the Sikh Society Parade that took place at the temple earlier that day were linked.

Both males are in quite serious shape. According to local media accounts citing police, the incident began as a fist fight between the males, who were acquainted with each other, during a “Nagar Kirtan” at the Bradshaw Gurudwara.

Authorities have sealed off the area and are conducting more interviews to determine what led to the incident and identify any possible suspects.

(More details awaits…)

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