Video: Rescuers race against time to save 2.5 year-old girl who fell into 300-feet deep borewell in MP


A 2.5-year-old girl fell into a 300-feet deep borewell while playing in a field in Madhya Pradesh’s Sehore district, triggering a panic among the locals since Tuesday afternoon. A frantic rescue operation is underway to save the child, who has been trapped in the borewell for hours now, the officials said Wednesday.

Visual from Madhya Pradesh’s Mungaoli village where a child fell into a borewell Tuesday afternoon.

The incident, which happened in the Mungaoli village, took place as the child was playing in the field when she fell in the borewell. The authorities are struggling to rescue the child as she has slid another 50-feet down, the Sehore district collector, Ashish Tiwari updated on the dire situation.

“The girl child has slid down further than 50 feet, we are providing oxygen to her. We are facing difficulties in drilling due to hard rock,” he said, noting that the adjacent ground to the borewell is being continuously drilled to reach up to the level of the child.

The rescue operation, which is expected to take a few more hours, is underway with the help of JCB machines under the supervision of senior officials. Visuals also showed several police officials, and locals present at the site.

The authorities, however, are worried over the child’s condition as her movement is not clearly visible from the surface. “The child is not responding much but we are providing oxygen at her level…hoping for a positive result,” Tiwari said, while remaining hopeful.

Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, who belongs to Sehore district, also took cognisance of the incident Tuesday and directed officials to ensure that the girl’s safety.

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