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KOLKATA: The state government has decided to launch an app that will alert electric vehicle owners about nearest charging stations, workshop as well as information on financial incentives for the purchase of EVs. EV-Bandhu will help a user find, book a slot at a charging station and pay for “rejuice” on a single platform.
“It is easier to locate a petrol station as everyone in the vicinity knows about it. Moreover, they are usually located on major roads. But that is not the case for EV charging stations or for EV mechanics workshops. Potential EV buyers will feel much assured if they are provided with accurate information on these facilities easily,” said a government official. The city now had 80-odd public charging stations.
The power department will also launch an awareness portal and social media platform to promote EVs.


The rollout should be smooth. An illplanned rollout may generate negative publicity and put off people who may have been planning to buy EVs.

The EV infrastructure map on the app will show charging stations if there is an urgent need to plug in and recharge the battery. The map will be dynamic, with new stations being added to it and defunct ones excluded. Information on EV workshops will also be crucial, given that electric vehicles can’t be fixed at regular units as the EV mechanism is different from that of internal combustion (IC) engine.

Bengal is launching two more initiatives to facilitate e-mobility awareness, reach, and convenience for citizens. The first one is EV Chetna, an awareness web portal, supported by Asian Development Bank, which will be a one-stop library for potential buyers, entrepreneurs, and investors, and contain useful tools, like EV charging cost calculators. Besides, India’s first combined EV awareness social media platform, @EV Yatra, will also make debut on various social media platforms.
The portal for creating awareness about electric mobility aims at being a one-stop site to provide all the information related to the adoption of electric vehicles in the state. The site will facilitate one to switch to electric vehicles by providing insights about technologies, types of e-vehicles, insurance options, and financing options. One can assess the benefits of electric vehicles to determine savings compared to that of petrol/diesel vehicle. It is to get all the information on the Indian electric vehicle market and industry and the key developments driving the e-mobility ecosystem forward.

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