WFH, massive growth of e-gaming propelling storage data industry in India: A market insight

The spurt in online activities over the past nearly two years has prompted the need of a more robust, faster and secured storage solutions. The market in India is currently growing at a rapid pace and with Work From Home routine coming to the fore, the demand for flash storage devices has increased manifold and expected to continue the upward trend. BiWin, a leading manufacturer of storage devices for various top brands, is buoyant of growth of the said industry. BiWin India head Rajesh Khurana explains in detail the storage device market and catalysts triggering its growth.

With offices opening up, do you see the demand growing or WFH has been a better growth driver for your industry?

WFH has helped adopt digitalisation faster than expected and with this consumers have witnessed the benefits. Hence, we continue to see demand for flash storage devices to grow.

Has rise of e-gaming been a catalyst in growth of storage devices market in the country?

Yes, e-gaming has been a catalyst in growth of high-performance SSDs and Drams. BiWiN, a leading chip manufacturer for flash storage, is well geared up to help fulfil this demand. Recently, BiWin reached an agreement with Acer to bring Predator-branded memory and personal SSD storage products to customers in India. The product offerings will take advantage of BiWiN’s manufacturing capabilities and Predator’s global brand recognition to provide the latest memory and storage solutions for both casual and professional gamers.

The Predator branded memory and personal storage solutions are just the perfect pick for hardcore PC gamers and esports professionals who seek high-end gaming solutions to ensure a competitive edge. The new high-end flagship memory and storage portfolio under the Predator brand begins with state-of-the-art memory modules and blazing fast solid-state drives.

Kindly elaborate on the storage devices market in India?

India storage market is evolving very fast with a double digit growth in demand for flash based products like SSD and Dram. Over the last few months, the adoption of digital platforms/ online activities due to WFH( work from home ), has been a major contributor towards increase  of this demand. BiWiN is a leading global manufacturer of flash storage devices. It has more than 25 years of experience in the memory and storage market. BiWiN focuses on providing customers with more competitive and high-quality hardware and software storage solutions. BiWiN products and services include SSDs, embedded storage chips, memory cards, memory modules, and customization services.

Which products are you dealing with in India and for which brands?

BiWin is very well placed and prepared to take advantage of its world leading quality manufacturing capabilities coupled with world wide brand recognition of both Acer and HP along with its Indian distributers and their wide established networks.

Over the last few months, we have been focussing on expanding our reach in ACER branded storage products by leveraging the strength of  our national Distributer Fortune Marketing with its broad network and experience in the IT storage industry .

We are also expanding our reach for HP branded storage products (internal and external SSDs) by leveraging the strength of our national distributers viz- UR Distreepvt ltd. and Fortune Marketing pvt ltd. along with their wide network of channel partners and retailers and e-tailers.

How are the young consumers responding to your offerings? What is the roadmap in terms of future expansion for BiWin?

This year started with  an unprecedented scenario full of uncertainties and challenges imposed by Covid pandemic situation. However, the WFH (Work From Home) necessity  accelerated the digitisation processes/Digital adoption. What was projected to happen in 10 years happened in few months. Demand for SSD got accelerated with the basic need to improve performance and speed  of Laptops /Desktops. We at BiWin also witnessed a tremendous response to our wide  portfolio of Acer branded SSD, Acer branded Drams and HP branded SSDs. 

We are working on launching a wide portfolio of storage products such as  UHS-I, UHS-II SD cards, CFexpress  memory cards and USB external storage products. Details of the same will be shared as and when available.

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