What happened during PM Modi’s ‘security breach’ in Karnataka? Here’s what police said


Controversy erupted after there was a suspicion of a security breach as Prime Minister Narendra Modi travelled in his convoy during a rally in Karnataka. There was a threat posed to PM Modi’s safety when during his rally in the Davangere area on Saturday, which is now being denied by Karnataka police.

The suspicion of PM Modi’s security breach rose when a man was seen running towards his convoy as it passed through the streets of Karnataka, while the state police rubbished the reports and said that there was no security breach during the prime minister’s rally.

The video of the alleged security breach of PM Modi’s convoy went viral on social media, with many slamming the Karnataka government and authorities for their lax security measures during the prime minister’s visit. Here’s what really happened during the alleged security breach.

What happened to PM Modi’s convoy in Karnataka?

As Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s convoy passed through the streets of Karnataka’s Davangere, a man was seen running towards the car through which the prime minister was travelling. This happened when the motorcade was still moving.

The video of the incident showed the man running toward PM Modi’s armed convoy. Just as he crossed the security barrier and tried to go on the road, he was intercepted by the Karnataka police before he could go anywhere near PM Modi.



This was the second attempted security breach after a similar incident in the BJP-ruled state’s Hubballi district. Meanwhile, the Karnataka Police defined this incident as an “unsuccessful attempt” of a security breach, denying any threat to the prime minister.

A senior police officer in Karnataka, Alok Kumar, took to social media and said, “As being reported in a section of media, there was no breach in security as such of Hon’ble PM at Davangere today. It was an unsuccessful attempt He was caught immediately by myself and SPG at a safe distance Appropriate action is being taken in this regard.”

On January 5, 2022, PM Modi’s convoy was left stranded on a flyover in Punjab after protestors blocked the passage of his motorcade, resulting to the prime minister leaving the state without attending any event.

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