What is important in Saturn Mahadasha


This article may be totally different from whatever one would have read about Saturn and its various faces like Saturn Dasha, Mahadasha, Sade Sati and Transit, etc. Saturn, which denotes longevity, karma, ambitions, hard work, patience, delay, and discipline, is one of the most powerful planets in a horoscope. But then another fact is that Shani is also among the most dreaded and feared planets. Shani is the planet for justice but then justice for what: Justice for your own Karmas, so STOP BLAMING SHANI. Saturn as a planet does not harm itself unless you prompt him to punish or dither you. If Saturn is known to punish, then the best part is that its regular movements give you enough opportunities to improve yourself, and if you avail of this, Shani is your best friend. Now let us understand what is important in Saturn Mahadasha. 

How to deal with Saturn Mahadasha

Most people are scared of what to do in Saturn Mahadasha. How to deal with Saturn/Shani Maha Dasha. For a moment, forget all bad/good about Saturn Mahadasha and read the below facts:

1. Shani Mahadasha comes on every individual once in a lifetime, and it runs for 19 years. So does that mean that every person will have troubled life for 19 years if Saturn Mahadasha is always bad? 

2. If this is true, then has Saturn Mahadasha exempted horoscope of people who are regularly successful in their life.

3.     Think of a canvas used for painting, be it of any colour. It is blank until you think of some image, start using your brush and putting colour. Any bad patch/distraction will spoil the painting. So canvas is blank (Shani Dasha starts), but the final picture/impression is what you paint (Your Karmas). 

4.     Think of a Gangster (Don) who is your brother/relative or friend. This gangster can be evil for many but will be your well-wisher. So this is what Saturn can be to you, a friend. 

5. You consume alcohol, drive and meet with accident or police arrests you. You don’t have to blame the time when you met with an accident/police caught you because you started knitting (accumulating) for this type of result when you even thought of drinking. 

6. You steal, or murder someone (your karma), and Police arrest (Shani comes into picture) whom will you blame.

7. Does it also means that during these 19 years of Shani Mahadasha, all good planets/planetary combinations in your horoscope gone to exile, and only Saturn acts to give you bad effects. 

8. Does that mean Ketu Mahadasha or Rahu Mahadasha will also impact adversely, and Jupiter or Venus Mahadasha will give excellent results? 

9. Shani Mahadasha and its results depend on whether Saturn is a friendly/enemy planet in your chart or is neutral. So do not get scared with whatever many say or scare you with Shani Mahadasha. 

No Dasha, Mahadasha, or any other transits of planets can have universally good or bad effects. No Dasha. Mahadasha is bad or good. It all depends on how you act with better knowledge of dos and don’ts during these Dasha , Mahadasha, antardasha, and other regular planetary transits.  

What happens in Shani Mahadasha 

Still, since so many things are said about Shani Mahadasha, one should know what happens in Shani Mahadasha? Saturn Mahadasha indeed brings certain ups and downs in life depending on the placement of Saturn in your horoscope. 

Good/bad effects of Saturn Mahadasha

Saturn Mahadasha will have good/bad effects depending on the placement of Saturn and if Saturn is friendly / enemy or neutral planet in a horoscope. Secondly, the position of Saturn in different houses is malefic or benefic. 

Bad effects of Shani Mahadasha – When Saturn is in negative or weak position in your horoscope: 

  1. Even a small thing would demand a lot of effort, and the result would be unsatisfactory.
  2. One feels detached, faces hindrances, denial, and delay in success.
  3. One can face constant disappointments, restlessness, and sorrowful life
  4. One can face loss of income, low financial growth, lose close ones. 

But if one gets a forewarn on all the above-expected results as Shani Mahadasha has to start, and you know all this is bound to happen, do not get distracted or impulsive. Instead, one can prepare themselves to face such a situation. , 

Good effects of Shani Mahadasha – If Shani is positively placed or makes a combination with any good planet, the Shani Dasha can turn out to be beneficial. In this situation, the person: 

  1. Receives great strength, courage, and power and can become capable of facing challenges and becomes famous and notable in society. 
  2. It brings abundant materialistic benefits and success to natives. Wealth and money start inflowing in native’s life. 
  3. Gets success everywhere and good results in spite of low efforts. 

How to know if person is under Saturn Mahadasha

To know if the person is under Shani Mahadasha: just put in your birth details on any website offering such services and know the period in which you will be under Saturn Mahadasha. Or, if you are experiencing any of the effects mentioned under bad effects of Saturn Mahadasha, consult a good astrologer to know if you are in Saturn Mahadasha. Take benefit of Saturn transits  

Shani Mahadasha remedies 

Many suggest universal remedies for Shani Mahadasha. But what I suggest is: Read more about Saturn Mahadashaand if you are under Shani Mahadasha, understand the bad impacts that can come on you: prepare yourself, maintain your peace of mind and deal with Saturn Mahadasha. Still, any issues, call my office on +91 9278555588/9278665588


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