WhatsApp Video Call In Picture-in-Picture Mode Now Testing, Roll Out For iPhones Soon


Last Updated: December 15, 2022, 16:12 IST

WhatsApp group video calls get new features

WhatsApp video calls have already got a host of features in 2022 and more are likely to be added next year.

WhatsApp is getting closer to the official rollout of picture-in-picture for video calls for iPhone users. The beta version of WhatsApp on iOS is now testing the feature, which should eventually come to all iPhone users. PiP is basically the tool which allows you to take video calls and continue using the messaging app.

Android users got it a few years back, while iPhone users were able to experience the feature since iOS 14 came out in 2020. PiP for video calls will be a handy tool, similar to how WhatsApp allows users to watch videos on YouTube in PiP mode and continue to chat with their friends. The beta version is available to select testers, for now, but expect the full rollout early next year.

YouTube itself gives you the option to watch videos on the mini screen, however, you will need a premium subscription to avail of that feature. WhatsApp is free, and the PiP for video calls will also work for all users, free of cost. WhatsApp has made rapid strides with calls for users this year.

The messaging app now allows users to create Call Links to get others to join their video or voice calls, similar to how you have meeting links on Google Meet and Zoom.

In addition to this, WhatsApp supports 32 people on the same video call and even gives you the option to mute calls of other people. You also get the option to message other people on a WhatsApp call.

These features have made WhatsApp a popular choice for video/voice calls among users for personal and even office meetings. WhatsApp now supports 1,024 members in one Group, and iOS and web users can see all the members with the help of profile icons next to the chat bubble.

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