Who was Shri Siddheshwar, seer termed ‘living god’ by devotees


Pujya Shri Siddheshwara Swamiji is one of India’s top spiritual thinkers who hails from the state of Karnataka. He is renowned for his inspirational speeches about life. Many people’s lives have been made simple, ideal, and satisfying by it. Shri Siddheshwara Swamiji, who is known as Nadedado Narayan is a real-life illustration of what it means to be godly.

PM Modi announced the demise of Siddheshwara Swamiji on Twitter. He said, “Paramapujya Sri Siddheshwara Swami Ji will be remembered for his outstanding service to society. He worked tirelessly for the betterment of others and was also respected for his scholarly zeal. In this hour of grief, my thoughts are with his countless devotees. Om Shanti.”

According to reports, Siddheshwara Swamiji’s health was in grave danger, which is why on January 1, 2023, tens of thousands of followers travelled to the ashrama from nearby districts. He died at the age of 81. Siddheshwara Swamiji was suffering from age-related ailments for a few weeks.

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Shri Siddheshwara Swamiji’s biography:

Shri Siddheshwara Swamiji was born in 1952 and nurtured in Bijjaragi, Tal/District of Vijayapura, Karnataka State. It is referred to as the “Walking God of North Karnataka.” Under the direction of Shri Mallikarjun Swamiji, Shri Siddheshwara Swamiji wrote the book “Principle Shiromani” at the age of 19. 

He founded the Jyana Yogram at Vijayapura, Karnataka. Through Swamiji’s words and actions, he is credited with making the lives of thousands of people enjoyable.

This name indicates that Shri Siddheshwara Swamiji, the living God, is sincerely working to better and advance society. One of the most well-known spiritual figures of this time is Shri Siddheshwara Swamiji, who has proven to be an effective lecturer, humanist, pure spiritual soul, and scholar. Many people have altered their perspectives on life. Everyone’s life is changed drastically by his talks, which finally results in a calm and contented life.

Shri Siddheshwara Swamiji’s education:

After completing his fourth-grade year of school in his hometown, Buddiji visited Mallikarjuna Swamiji. The fact that Mallikarjuna Swamiji was “in the root of the growing pea” did not affect his agility.

They led Siddeshwara to locations where he could deliver sermons. Siddeshwar completed his academic work at the college while also engaging in his spiritual practice.

Siddeshwara completed an MA (Master of Arts) in philosophy at Kolhapur University after earning his degree from the University of Karnataka.

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