Wild grass, garbage heaps greet athletes at GMADA sports complex


The state-of-the-art sports stadium in Sector 78, also known as GMADA sports complex, is in dilapidated state owing to the lack of maintenance of the facility.

With torn nets, broken benches and construction material all across, the stadium is in a sorry state. (Keshav Singh/HT)

Wild grass has grown at various places, including the main athletic ground. Instead of a synthetic track, athletes find themselves running on an uneven one. With torn nets, broken benches and construction material all across, the stadium is in a sorry state. Additionally, heaps of garbage are seen at the facility as the people have started to use it as an open dumping ground.

The stadium, built at a cost of 54 crore, offers various games, including swimming, athletics, volleyball, football, basketball etc. However, most parts of the “international-level” stadium is yet to be completed.

Concerned by the state of the stadium, a delegation of residents, led by Amarjit Singh, veteran athlete, and SS Sodhi, chairperson of Phase- 4 welfare association, visited the office of deputy commissioner on Sunday and highlighted the condition of the facility.

Amarjit Singh said that the stadium, inaugurated in 2013, used to offer multiple facilities to hone the skills of young talent of the city.

Besides the athletic track, a walking track was also constructed at the stadium. However, the track has been lost with time amid the wild grass that has encompassed the facility.

“The sports department has merely done a facelift of the stadium to give an impression to the onlookers that the state is offering international sports facilities to the youngsters. But in reality, the stadium is in a bad shape and demands urgent attention,” said Singh.

SS Sodhi pointed out that although the state government claims to promote sports to end the menace of drugs, the facility in its own name has nothing to offer.

District sports officer Gurdeep Kaur said that the wild grass has grown due to the recent rains and the ground is being maintained on a routine basis. She added that the construction material is scattered due to the ongoing renovation work.

A total of seven stadiums, in phases 5, 7, 9 and 11, and sectors 69, 71 and 78.

The stadiums were built by the Greater Mohali Area Development Authority (GMADA).

The stadiums in Phase 9 and Sector 78 were given to the sports department while the other five stadiums were given to the private contractors for maintenance and daily training activities.

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