YouTube had been testing the mostly viewed highlight feature with Premium users since a while.

YouTube recently announced that it will discontinue the lighter YouTube Go app for Android later this year.

YouTube is bringing a new feature that will bring a minor change to the viewing experience for users. The Google-owned videos platform will now highlight the “most replayed” part of a video in the web player and mobile apps.

The new feature was already being tested with YouTube Premium subscribers but is now available for all users starting today. YouTube, in a release, said that if the graph is high for a part of a video that has been replayed often, you can use that graph to find and watch those parts of the video. The new feature will show a “Most replayed” tag on the preview of the video that one can see on the seeker while browsing through parts of the video. This will make things interesting in terms of splitting viewers’ attention and will give creators more indication as to what exactly the users want to watch.

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The feature has been announced as part of YouTube’s recent bunch of updates that make longer videos more manageable to watch and access parts of. There is also a new way to loop parts of a video, and an upcoming feature for Premium users to seek to the exact moment in a video that they want to watch.

YouTube recently announced that it will discontinue the lighter YouTube Go app later this year. The YouTube Go app for Android smartphones will be discontinued starting August this year. YouTube has advised all the YouTube Go users to start using the regular YouTube app on their devices.

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YouTube Go was launched in 2016, when Google wanted low-end devices to run the popular streaming app without offering features like comments, creating content or switching to dark mode. It was also targeted at markets like India where connectivity posed a challenge.

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