Zeenat Aman recalls influence of ‘older women’ in her life, says, ‘life would have been different and colorless..’


Zeenat Aman made her debut on Instagram on February 11 and ever since then, the actress keeps her fans updated with all her life happening and even shares her thoughts on various topics on social media. Recently, the actress penned down a note for the older women of her life who helped her shape her life.

On Friday, Zeenat Aman shares a photo flashing her million-dollar smile in a white top and penned down a note. The actress remembered the older women who shaped her life and wrote, “We see very few older women in the public eye. It’s not something I thought about when I was young, but now that I myself am silver-haired, I feel their absence It’s a puzzling phenomenon, simply because older women mold, protect and nurture us in so many ways worthy of celebration. There is just no substitute for the wisdom of experience and years.”

The actress talked about the older women who anchored her including her mother, stepmother, and friend, and wrote, “My entire life I have known older women who have anchored me. My mother, yes, but others too. My friend Khadija whose generosity towards me was unsurpassed and who, being widowed young, displayed an inner steel that inspired me. My dear, ever-patient Sartaj, who is always there to make me laugh, but who was also by my side during days of intense grief. Kavi is steadfast as a rock and cradles our friendship even when I am neglectful. My stepmother Shamim aunty, who doted on my sons and to whom I could entrust them no matter the hour… How different and colorless life would have been without their influence.”

The actress further encouraged her followers to share their stories of how older women influenced their lives and concluded, “when you sweep your eyes across the landscape of your life, do you not also find the influence of older women? I would be interested to know your stories. Stories of how a mother or aunt or grandmother or sister or woman friend carried you in your time of hesitance or need. If you don’t have a story to share, then maybe this post can serve as a reminder to drop a ♥️ to an older woman who enriches your life.”

After reading the post, Kajol commented, “Well said.” Koel Puri also appreciated Zeenat Aman and wrote, “Zeenat Aman is lyrical in a way that’s personal and touches the soul sans effort because it comes from a true place. I think I am an older woman to so many and now I need to invite and nurture older women into my life.” The actress’s post also made netizens nostalgic and many of them even shared their stories about how older women influenced their lives in the comment section. 

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